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A Mother’s Promise

As a mother keep your kids close. There is only one of you as there is just uniquely one of them. Promise your kids you will not disregard, disrespect or in any manner provoke a wedge of division with them. Your kids need you when they are young, and you will need them even more when you are old.

Women will fight for their children like a militant gone rogue. They will embrace their children with gentle love, anoint their heads with oil and saturate their lives with prayers to the heavens. A women will always be the first to love and the last one standing up for her child. Women introduce us to the wonder of motherhood and even in their physical absence their legacy remains eternally. Mothers take us to a new level of life. One of nurturing, seeking, soothing and truth telling.

To the women before us, behind us and those that walk alongside us as we navigate this world – Happy Mother’s Day because God made mothers and mothers make the world go round!

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