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Where does my donation go?

One hundred percent (100%) each donation received goes directly back into helping people. This means that it does not go to administrative, equipment or other non –service costs. The administrative costs and equipment costs are absorbed by the Blessing Box Board and is not utilized from any donations received. We understand in today’s world there are many organizations that use a fraction of every dollar to actually help people. We at the Blessing Box, believe that donations represent the sacrifice and generosity of the giver. Every cent of every dollar goes directly back to providing assistance to our recipients.

How much can I donate?

Any donation amount is appreciated. Each box has a $50.00 minimum gift in it. Any gifts under 50.00 will be matched with other donations as we continue to build the boxes. You can also donate or sponsor a box or any amount of boxes. Your gift is tax deductible.

Sponsor a Blessing Box.

You can also designate a particular school, church or particular organization, person or place you want your donation to go. Please email us with the details of your request at: We will then send you a reference number to apply to your donation gift.

Three Easy Ways To Donate

Donate by PayPal

Donate by Go Fund Me Page

Donate by Check

You can also send donations by check to:
P.O. Box 270566
Hartford, Wisconsin 53027

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